Sandi Rakhimbayeva was born in the west of Kazakhstan. When she was 11 years old she has been practicing kung-fu for four years with Tukabayev M.K. 

After graduating from university, her life moved in an unexpected way and she needed something which could support her. She found that yoga shows her life’s direction and developed her spiritual journey. Her personnel history of birth was unfolded when she was twenty-one years old. Her life was changed completely. Since this age, she was looking for a practice which gives foundation to live and understand the philosophy of life. 

Sandi started her yoga journey from hatha yoga and practiced it from 2008 to 2011. She attended led classes with Sergei Vertkov in Almaty in 2011, then she properly learned the vinyasa in the traditional way with Scarlett Dee in Austria, in August 2012. In 2013, Scarlett invited her in teacher training course, which was run by the European Tribe Alliance. Sandi started her education and exploration of yoga methods on that course. The purpose of the course was to introduce students to different types of yoga and yoga sutra Patanjali. After the course, she attended a Mysore program with Leonid Lanin, the Russian authorized level 2 teacher. After his classes and an extended conversation with him she decided to go to Mysore and study with R.Sharath Jois. Ashtanga yoga is one of the oldest practices, which was established from Guru to students on a strong lineage. The direct lineage of parampara means that the current guru and the three that went before him are all worshiped by the disciples intending to carry on their teachings. 

R.Sharath Jois is the Guru of Sandi. 


In 2014, she went to Mysore for the first time and since that time she has continued visiting her Guru, to practice and learn. Sandi was blessed by her Guru, in March 2017 for the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga and she was the first person in Kazakhstan who was given the right to establish a Mysore program and to teach it. 


Sandi has invited certified teacher Tarik Thami in Kazakhstan since 2015. Every year Tarik Thami teaches mysore classes in Almaty city and guided Sandi in her practice and life. 

Sandi hold mysore program last 5 years in the old capital city Almaty, Kazakhstan.

She was invited to teach & support beautiful community for two months in Munich, 2017, she was invited to share experience in a beautiful space “ Yoga Shala”, in Instanbul, Turkey.

2020 was terrible year for whole Planet, after understanding that some people can not move & release stress Sandi started to learn a old method {Yoga Nidra} in Amrit Yoga Institute. 

She suggested her students practice in the early mornings, before work, with a fresh and clear mind. Also, she holds donation-based classes.

“Daily practice will change your life. I had an allergy for twenty-five years since I was eight months old. I know when a person can’t breathe, can’t sleep, eat and walk. I know the meaning of angioneurotic edema because I had it more than four times. Of course it was connected with my emotional body.

I love that our practice Ashtanga Yoga is established on the breath. The breath can remove all obstacle of our mind .

Ashtanga yoga - a psychophysical practice. It is considered an authentic practice, which I use 6 times a week. There are 6 series in ashtanga yoga, each series has its own impact on psyche and physical body of a person. These series is mastered gradually, it takes from 3 to 5 years to master one series.

Also, there is a clear sequence of poses in ashtanga yoga. Main difference from other poses: all movements are synchronized with a person's breathing, consequently, a person actively sweats, improves breathing, increases immunity, and strengthens the nervous system.

You will learn some movements and how to combine inhale and exhale breathing with these movements. From the breath to the body, we can heal ourselves. Everyday, slowly, you will learn the sequence of Primary Series, which includes about thirty postures. The aim of Primary Series “Chikitsa” is the detoxification of your body. I am happy to work with everyone”. Sandi.

Also Sandi loves the practice of yoga nidra. Yoga nidra - an ancient technique that allows to feel kinesthetically the Higher Self that is beyond the mind and body. It is considered a meditative practice.